The APA Council of National Psychological Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests (CNPAAEMI) in collaboration with the Society of Counseling Psychology sponsors a yearlong, interorganizational Leadership Development Institute (LDI). CNPAAEMI consists of the following national associations: Asian American Psychological Association, Association of Black Psychologists, National Latina/o Psychological Association, Society of Indian Psychologists, and the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues – Division 45 of the American Psychological Association (APA).


The CNPAAEMI LDI aims to: (a) Create a mechanism for identifying and/or attracting racially and ethnically diverse psychologists and mental health professionals to become active participants in CNPAAEMI and its respective organizations; (b) Foster and support culturally grounded leadership skills among psychologists and mental health professionals that are transferable to multiple settings (e.g., families, work settings, professional organizations, neighborhoods communities, etc.); (c) Establish networking and sustainable coaching and mentoring opportunities to nurture ongoing leadership development; (e) Develop a model of multiracial and multiethnic coalition building to promote inter-organizational collaborations.  


The LDI was first conceived by CNPAAEMI in Phoenix, Arizona in February 2008 and was driven by three factors. First, CNPAAEMI recognized that the national ethnic minority psychological associations had a shared need to create a systemic leadership pipeline for psychologists of color. At that point in time, none of the associations had a formalized mechanism for fostering and supporting leadership development within their respective organizations. Second, CNPAAEMI recognized and affirmed the need to develop a leadership program that was grounded in the cultural, racial and ethnic worldviews and values that informed who we are as individuals, as professionals and as leaders within our associations. Lastly, the Council recognized that given the importance of organizational solidarity – across the various ethnic minority psychological associations – a leadership development program would provide an ideal space to begin to create the interpersonal networks that would subsequently be the foundation for the organizational coalitions that were critical to our collective effectiveness. A working group was created to develop and seek funding for the LDI at the Boston APA Convention in August of 2008 with the Society of Counseling Psychology joining the collaboration from the onset. Since 2012, the LDI has been funded jointly by each of the CNPAAEMI organizations, Division 17, Division 45 and APA’s Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology (CEMRRAT).  


A central premise of the LDI is the belief that both leadership and effective coalitions are founded on strong interpersonal and organizational relationships. To that end, the LDI is a yearlong training process designed to foster the leadership skills and social networks critical to one’s effectiveness as a leader. Each year, one Leadership Fellow is selected from each participating CNPAAEMI organization and Division 17 to create a six-person cohort that will meet, train and work together for the entire year. To begin their training, Fellows meet for a mandatory leadership retreat, facilitated by the LDI Board members and possible special guests. Following the retreat, the Fellows will work together as a group on a service learning project related to the mission of CNPAAEMI and the LDI. In addition, Fellows will undergo a Presidential Residency with the president of their respective home association to assist and shadow their president as she or he undertakes their presidential duties as well as to lead a presidential project or initiative for the association. The cohort of Fellows will also engage in informal discussions with the President of each National psychological Association or LDI Member Division to gain insights into each Leader’s views on the meaning of leadership, their leadership trajectory and leadership in their specific association. Fellows also take part in topic-specific and informal discussions throughout the year with different guest mentors who are Diverse Leaders in their own right to learn about issues such as negotiating institutional/political systems, self-care as a person of color, and developing a leadership niche in the field. Lastly, A stipend is provided to assist with travel costs to the mandatory retreat.


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CNPAAEMI LDI Advisory Board

Alvin Alvarez,

Asian American Psychological Association

Jasmine Llamas,
APA Division 45: Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race 

Marie Miville,
National Latina/o Psychological Association

Kristee Haggins,

The Association of Black Psychologists

Wendy Peters,

The Society of Indian Psychologists

Arpana Inman,

APA Division 17: Society of Counseling Psychology